Calm and a Pipit : Lake Superior - 6 x 9.25"

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Wolf - A Distant Neighbor

Old Field Comeback: Turtleheads & Red-bellied Snake - 12x9" watercolor & pencil - $125

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Repercussions - 16x20" watercolor, gouache $500 - Go to New Art page

Hepaticas & Storm Clouds - 10x8" - $125

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Hearken Midwinter - 9 x 11.25" - $125 - Go to New Ar tpage.

Adult Avocet in the Secrecy of Rain - 12x9"  $125 - Go to New Art page

Original Paintings

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A huge choice of art cards are offered, in 2 sizes.. Don't miss !

Mixed-media paintings honoring the natural history of the Upper Midwestern U.S. and adjoining Canada by Tanya Beyer

Festivity in Sycamore & Holly : Fox Squirrels - 12x9" - $150 Go to New Art Page